Saving Faith

Old Testament: In the old testament the Hebrew word aman translated faithfulness means to confirm or support; it also means to be established or to be certain.  Another Hebrew word munah means firmness, steadiness fidelity. The Old Testament saint’s express total dependency upon God’s character and promises.

New Testament: In the New Testament the Greek word for faith is pistos, which means trusting, believing; however, this word is use most often in the passive, which means trustworthy, reliable, and faithful.  When all people and all things falter or fail; we know that we can trust God, because there is no failure in Him.  The better you know a person or thing, the more you will learn to trust it or them.  Faith does not believe a thing without evidence; on the contrary, faith rests upon the best of evidence, God’s Word.

Saving faith:

“By grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God” (See Ephesians 2:8). There is no merit in faith alone. It must be faith in Jesus Christ; faith in any other Savior or gospel other than the New Testament will not save.  The Bible said, “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God unto salvation (See Romans 1:16-a).  It is not enough to know that Jesus can save, you must agree in your heart to let him save you.  Two blind men asked Jesus to restore their sight.  Jesus asked them to do you believe that I can do this.  They answered yes Lord!  Jesus touched their eyes and said according to your faith let it happen; and their eyes were opened (See Matthew :927-30).   A person may know that Jesus Christ is divine and agree that he has power to save, and yet reject him as Savior. There is knowledge of the head, an agreement of the mind, which does not lead to a surrender of the heart.  There is a difference between believing about Jesus and believing on Him (See John 8:30-31). If you believe in him, then you will receive him, and if you receive him you will become a child of God (See John 1:12).

Testing your faith:

“Bring all the tithes into the storehouse that there may be food in my house and try me now in this, says the Lord of hosts; if I will not open for you the windows of heaven, and I will pour you out such a blessing that there will not be room enough to receive it (Mal. 3:10).  The Bible says, wthout faith it is impossible to please Him: for he that comes to God must believe that he is, and that he reward’s them that diligently seek him” (See Heb. 11:6). 

IIllustration of faith:

This is the story of a tight rope walker at Niagara Falls New York. The man walked across the falls on a rope, as the crowd cheered him on. He asked the cheering crowd if they thought he could push a wheelbarrow across the falls on a rope; again, the crown cheered him on.   He pushed the wheelbarrow across and came back without incident. This time he asked the cheering crowd if they thought he could pushed a loaded wheelbarrow across the falls on a rope.  The crowd uttered their belief by screaming yes, yes.    The man turned to the crowd and asked who will be the first to take a ride?  With that the crowd became very quiet; no one was willing to get into the wheelbarrow. It doesn’t take much to get on the faith bandwagon as long as it requires nothing from you.

Finally, my mother said when she was a child she learned about faith. She heard her parents and other adults talking about the goodness of the Lord; one day she decided to put God to the test. She went under the house and asked the Lord to give her a penny. Something said dig by one of the pillars. My mother said she dug and found a new penny; and from that day forward, she knew God was real and that He answerer’s prayer. My mother lived to the ripe old age of ninety-five, one of her favorite sayings was, “look how far a penny’s worth of faith have brought me”.


Faith is an active word; it requires trust, patience, and expectation. There can be no dealings with the invisible God unless there is absolute faith in His existence. We must believe in His reality and have confidence in the unseen God and His Word. Faith takes God at His Word even though circumstances seem to be against its fulfillment. “They that know your name shall put their trust in you (See Psalms 9:10).