Salvation Booklet

A world without sin:

   The story begins long; long ago a perfect couple known as Adam and Eve; lived in a perfect environment, called the Garden of Eden.   This is no fairy tale; the people and the place are real.  This wonderful setting took place in God’s original creation.  God the Father the creator of heaven and earth and all that is within would visit with them in the cool of the day.  Can you imagine the creator of all things coming out to visit with you; this is much bigger than the president coming to visit.  One day they received a visit from another created being, commonly known as that old serpent “the devil” he persuaded them to disobey God. 

This perfect couple known as Adam and Eve had been previously warned by God not to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  God further warned that in the day that they did eat from that tree they would surely die (Genesis 2:17). Even after a stern warning they willfully disobeyed God and ate from the tree.  The rest is history; sin entered the world, and man was separated from God which is spiritual death.

   Has anyone ever taken a bible and explain how you can go to heaven, if not may I? The bible contains both bad and good news. The bad news is something about you. The good news is something about God. Let us discuss the bad news first:

Bad News: The bible said, “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God” (See Romans 3:23 KJV). When the bible said, we sinned, it means we lie, we lust, we hate, we steal, we murder, we gossip, we commit, adultery, fornication, homosexually, lesbianism etc.  The word sin means to miss the mark; and the mark is God righteous standard set for us to live by.  No man has ever lived up to that standard, except the Lord Jesus.   Let me explain: Suppose you and I were to take a rock and aim for the moon you may throw it further than me, but neither of us are going to hit the moon. The same is true with people, some may be a little better morally than others; but according to Romans 3:10 none is righteous; no not one.  The Bible said in Romans 6:23-a, “The wages of sin is death.  Let me explain, suppose you were to work for me for a day and I gave you fifty dollars.  The fifty dollars represent your wages, this is what you have earned.  The bible said, because you and I sin we have earned death; death in this scripture means to be thrown into the lake of fire (See Rev. 20:15-15).

 Good News:  Because of our sinful condition there was no way we could come to God, so He decided to come to us in the form of a man through His Son Jesus Christ (See John 3:16). "God demonstrated his love toward us, in that while we were still sinners Christ died for us (See Rom. 5:8). Let me explain: suppose you were in a hospital dying of cancer and I wanted to save your life.  I willingly ask the doctors to remove the cancer cells from your body and place them in my body, what do suppose would happen to me? You guess right I would die and you would live. The reason you would live is because I took the thing that was causing your death, placed it inside of me and I died as your substitute.  Jesus came into the world and took the sins that was causing your death, place them upon himself and died in your place. Jesus was your substitute. Through Jesus death on the cross and His resurrection from the grave, he conquered death, sin, and Satan.  

By faith, you can receive Jesus Christ into your heart; if you will make Him your Savior and Lord, you will receive eternal life.  Jesus explains the new birth in (John 3:3-6); it is not church membership; on judgment day, there will be many who names are written on the church rolls; But not in the book of life, will be cast into the lake of fire (See Rev. 20:12-15). It is not water baptism; water baptism is an outward sign of an inward change.  Without that inward change, a person will go down into the water a dry devil and come up a wet devil.

 What must I do to be saved?” That was the question the Philippian Jailer asked Paul and Silas in (Acts 16:30).  Jesus gives the answer in John 3:1-6.  Nicodemus, a Pharisee, one of the Jewish Bible scholars of that day came to Jesus by night and said, Rabbi, we know that you are a teacher that come from God; because no man can do the miracles that you do except God be with him.  Jesus responded to Nicodemus' flattering words with this message: "Truly, truly, I say unto you, except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.  Nicodemus responded by asking two questions: "How can a man be born again when he is old?  Can he enter the second time into his mother's womb, and be born?  According to Nicodemus questions he did not have a clue of what Jesus was talking about.  

Then Jesus answered him again and said, "Truly, truly, I say unto you, except a man be born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God."  He goes on to say, "That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit."  From this scripture it is clear that we cannot enter heaven the same way that we came out of the womb; there must be a change; because when we are born we have Adam' sin nature.  If you have Adam sin nature, you are a sinner; and sinners are not allowed in the congregation of the righteous in heaven.  Therefore, a second birth is required, we must repent of our sins, ask God forgiveness for our sins, accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of your life.  Ask God to fill you with the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit will lead you and guide you into all truth.

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