Our  Devoted Dedicated Staff

              Daniel J. Keitt                                                   Paul Lafferty                                                      Diane Carter                                 Larry Wallace                          Founder-Teacher                                         Coordinator-Teacher                                          Sectary-Teacher                          Overseer-Teacher                 

              Gracie M. Keitt                                                 Debra Lafferty                            Support                                                             Musician

Set Free by the Word, is a Christian Outreach Ministry, in the DeLand Florida area.  We are committed to teaching the Word of God, we endeavor to make the Word simple to understand, and applicable to life circumstances.  Our Bible messages were created to show sinners the way of Salvation, and show Christians the path to Christian Growth. 

We are not supported financially by any church or origination; just as God provided for Elijah during the times of famine He provides for us. One-hundred percent of our resources goes into purchasing Christian materials needed for the ministry???. We have been blessed by God with a one-hundred percent voluntary staff. "We come this far by faith, leaning on the Lord; trusting in His Holy Word, He never failed me yet!"

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to turn men from crime to Christ.  We are equipped with the Word of God, empowered by the Holy Spirit, and driven by the love of God and our love for our fellow man. We willingly give ourselves, our time and resources to the Lord to be use of Him.  We are convinced that all men regardless of their criminal history can be recycle and become usable to God and society.

  About our Ministry