Very Special Guest

I have read where President Jimmy Carter on several occasions spent the night in the homes of common Americans, picked somewhat at random. It was an attempt to show that he was in touch with the average American, and that he understood their concerns.  I’m sure that it would be a memory of a lifetime to have the President spend the night in your home. But I wondered what kind of panic it would create in many homes to receive a call from the White House asking if the President could stay in your home. What kinds of maintenance and repairs would you have to do to get your house ready for a presidential visit? Would it need fresh paint inside and out? How much cleaning would you have to do? Would you have to buy new furniture? What about the carpets? What about your yard? It could get expensive just to have the President as an overnight guest!

What if you got a call from heaven saying that the Lord Jesus Christ and a couple of angels planned to visit your home? How much lead time would you need to get it ready? You’d want to clean and paint and do the yard work. But also, what about the magazines and paperbacks laying around your house? What about the TV and videos that frequently play? Would you be comfortable for Him to see the way you normally live? Of course, you’d want to warn the kids to behave perfectly while the Lord was there, or they’d catch it later! And, you and your wife would want to make sure there weren’t any flare-ups between the two of you. No doubt after your guests left, you’d all heave a sigh of relief and get back to life as usual! 

It’s one thing to invite the Lord in for an occasional meal, when the house is in order and the kids are on their best behavior. But what if the Lord wanted to move in as a permanent resident? Every time you come home, He is there, watching everything that takes place. Would you view it as a blessing or as a burden?  As Christians, we talk about having a personal relationship with God. But, if the truth were known, it on would be a bit too much!  We couldn’t let our hair down and be comfortable with His constant presence.